"The South Street Saints" are made up of six of the area's most talented and well known musicians.  They love what they do and have fun bringing the crowd along with them!

Peter Azotea
Guitar, Vocals
Peter has most recently played with the band "Cosmic Soul".  As a military veteran, Peter has played in bands in Iceland, on RAF bases throughout the Suffolk region of England, and South Florida.
Corky Dorr
Corky is a new talent to the area.  He has won numerous singing awards and has a background in musical theater.  Ask him about the "Cowardly Lion".
Archie Anderson
Guitar, Vocals
Archie is a modern renaissance man and an electronics expert.  His guitar playing is eclectic and technical.  This boy can play!  He has performed in such bands as "Cosmic Soul", "The Dirty Clergy", "Bullseye", "The Sound of Czars", "Live Without Annette" and "The Steven L. Smith Band".
Matthias A.
Matthias is the Saints' newest member and brings a whole new sound!  Matt studied guitar at Marist College and has played with several area blues and rock bands including "Cleen Street" and "Doc Orloff's Blues Elixir". 

Heath Scott
Playing professionally for over 30 years, Heath attributes his musical ear and approach to years spent playing in theatre pit ensembles. Capital Region credits: "Cosmic Soul", "Bent Rail Blues", "The Mitch Elrod Swimteam", "Buddhashake" and "Four In Film". 
Matt Donnelly
Keyboards, Vocals
Matt played with many local bands in styles ranging from jazz to blues, progressive to rock.  Other projects have included arranging for marching bands, producing and performing on movie sound tracks and commercials and directing musical theater.